Benefits of Fleet Locate

Don’t just manage your mixed fleet – vehicles, trailers, equipment and assets. Maximize it with Fleet Locate’s GPS Tracking solution. Designed for small and medium sized businesses, Fleet Locate combines the powerful features and cost efficiencies of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Mobile Resource Management (MRM), and Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) technology to help you:

  • Measure the performance and efficiency of your mixed fleet
  • Optimize your vehicle, trailer, equipment and asset inventory
  • Track the travel speed of your vehicles and trailers
  • Know how many engine hours your vehicles and powered equipment have been in use
  • Monitor unauthorized use or route deviation within your mixed fleet

Fleet Locate delivers actionable, real-time business intelligence to help increase your ROI and move your business forward.

Fleet Locate (formerly known as FleetTrack), is a world-leading mobile resource management tool that geographically tracks where vehicles and assets are located.

Designed for use by fleet managers, field service and mobile workforce companies, the technology can be bundled with tracking devices, such as GPS systems, to generate a real time picture of the status of a vehicle or fleet.

Fleet Locate features:

  • Fleet Locate is browser-based, making it easy to use from any desktop computer to provide complete visibility of workforce and clients.
  • Mapping display and reporting modules can integrate with existing in-vehicle tracking hardware, enabling easy reporting for compliance and regulatory purposes.
  • Using this easily customised product, fleet managers can ensure daily fleet movements and maintenance schedules run efficiently without compromising quality customer service.
  • Fleet Locate can also be coupled with MapData Services’ Route Optimization service to deliver significant cost savings, time efficiencies and more streamlined processes.
  • Fleet Locate delivers comprehensive capabilities– such as planning, performing and reporting against field force activities, as well as the capacity to automatically link into ‘back office’ systems.
  • Fleet Locate provides a fully automated Fringe Benefits Tax solution that is approved by the Taxation Office and makes reporting more accurate and easier to administer.
  • Safety features such as driver monitoring and collision detection improve occupational health and safety for staff working in the field.

Globally, more than one million vehicles draw on Fleet Locate technology every day.