Good Web Design – Why There’s So Little

Most tiny web site homeowners bank nearly entirely on themselves or their net developer to make sensible|an honest|a decent} web site style while not them really knowing what good net style is. supported my eight years expertise in web site style and optimisation for guests and search engines, I will say with a decent deal of assurance, several net developers do not know what sensible net style is either.

My views area unit supported the elaborate analysis of many websites that in several cases look sensible on the surface to the undisciplined eye, however once evaluated a lot of closely, area unit either average to poorly designed websites, dangerous websites, or simply suck.

After all, anyone will decision themselves {a web site|an internet site|a web site} designer once simply making one website, either their own or for an addict or relative. Most website designers area unit self-taught and don’t have any qualifications of any kind that relate to the work. i am not locution there’s something wrong with being self-taught, however lots depends on wherever and from whom you learn and what length of position you serve in net style. a showcase web site typical of the many showcase sites permanently web site styles has outlined what quality style is to them (according to the statement on their site):

Quality net style = Visual + Technical + creative thinking.

The problem with a definition like this is often it focuses on the inventive and visual aspects of style that is basically solely of interest to different web site designers intending to produce one thing that pushes the boundaries even additional within the same direction. It additionally fully ignores whether or not the web site is acceptable the aim that it ought to are designed. Most websites do not have to be compelled to be spectacularly lovely to serve a purpose and that they do not have to be compelled to be “technical” either.

Many net developers suppose they need to be “creative” and commenced to style an internet site ne’er seen before, or one that behaves in a completely new and original approach. This usually results in an excessively graphical associated generally technically advanced web site style with an unconventional layout and navigation, that really creates a lot of issues than it solves.

All these “quality net design” options might impress another designer, however it usually wins no prizes or favours from the general public web site guests WHO usually do not come back to an internet site to admire the planning. several net developers appear bent re-inventing the wheel rather than perceptive the established style conventions that guests to an internet site area unit accustomed to. They additionally appear to possess forgotten the fundamental K.I.S.S. rule of style that is Keep It straightforward Stupid.

So, having same quality or sensible web site style isn’t regarding Visual, Technical or creative thinking simply what ought to it be?

Good net style = Satisfying guests

There area unit 2 distinct teams of holiday makers to {a web site|an internet site|a web site} that a decent website style must satisfy and that they area unit individuals and search engines. Some web site designers can argue that planning an internet site for the search engines isn’t necessary, or a waste of your time. though I favor to style websites with search engines in mind, {i do not|i do not} have a drag if different net designers don’t, providing they need another set up.

If an online styleer does not design for the search engines, then they have to possess another conceive to get traffic to the web site and that they ought to make a case for this conceive to the positioning owner. there’s no purpose in planning the best web site ever, if there aren’t any suggests that for attracting guests to the positioning.

A good net style additionally must satisfy the people that visit the positioning. If an online designer creates an internet site that pulls guests through computer programme optimisation ( SEO ) or different strategies, this may be wasted if the positioning fails to satisfy enough of these guests once they arrive.

By satisfying guests, I mean providing guests with the knowledge, merchandise or services they came to the web site probing for and doing it in approach that’s satisfying to the visitant. If the web site is supposed to sell merchandise and/or services the planning ought to even be designed to convert enough guests into sales or results in satisfy the positioning owner.

If it does not do all this then it isn’t sensible web site design!

When deciding what’s, or isn’t sensible net style, i exploit 2 checklists. One list is for evaluating an online page and also the different list is for evaluating the total web site. the online page analysis list examines over one hundred fifty aspects of fine page style and also the web site list examines over a hundred and twenty aspects of fine web site style.

In an endeavor to search out some sensible quality web site styles in 2011, that meet my standards permanently net style, I launched a decent net style award with a $500 prize for the winning entry.