The Impact of Social Media on Teens Lives

The Impact of Social Media on Teens LivesWe are living in the 21st centuries where some 93% of teens use the Internet. Let’s suppose the internet breaks for 24 hours due to any reason. What would you feel? Well, I cannot imagine life without the internet as I spend most of the time on the internet. Many people who are not so addicted to the internet wonder what teens do on it. The most exciting place for teens on the internet is Social Media. They find it fascinating and entertaining because it is a place where they can share their stories and interact with the people even if they don’t know them.

What is the Social Media?

When I was a child, there was no place where I could tell stories and share my thoughts. Though we were socially active and had many friends in real, still we were not able to stay in touch with the buddies who live far away. Then a revolution came in the Internet industry, and the Social Media appeared as the most effective communication channel. It succeeded to drive the attention of people especially the teens who love to make new friends.

It was just the beginning era of the Social Media. Now it has become a giant marketing platform for the Businesses, and they Buy Instagram Followers and other Social Media services to ensure their success.

The teens and the Social Media:

We have already stated that the Social Media is an attractive place for the teens. But it is also a fact that some people believe that the Social Media leaves a negative impact on teenagers. According to a recent study, the teens who spend most of their time on Social Media are a lot of isolated society. We do not recommend people to spend their most of the time on these big Social Media sites, but we also cannot overlook the importance of Social Media these days.

A girl saved a teen from suicide due to Social Media:

You may have heard about the 14 years old boy who lived in Oxford England. He announced on Social Media that he is going to kill himself. A girl who was his friend on Social Media saw this post she told her parents about his friend’s intention to commit suicide. The girl lived 3400 miles away from the boy, so her parents contacted the British Embassy in Washington DC. They approached the Scotland Yard who started to find the location of the boy.

The problem was that they just knew the name and his general location, so they dispatched the officers. They found the boy in three hours. Though he was alive, he had taken an overdose of drugs. But they succeeded to save the boy’s life.

Due to the Social Media, the girl was succeeded to save the boy’s life. So the positive and negative impact of Social Media depends on how you use it. Indeed it is an excellent platform for everyone if used correctly. As far as the Businesses are concerned they buy Instagram Followers, Facebook likes and YouTube subscribers from to make their brand famous and successful.