The Two Most Common Inquisitions of all Novice Buyers Answered

Everyone have clouds of doubt and qualm in their mind while doing anything for the first time be it business or any other venture. Likewise, people who wish to buy artwork online too have some suspicions because of the myths or misconceptions they hear. Hence, they are always apprehensive while buying any artwork, especially when it’s their first purchase.

Hence, this blog post is written with an intent of answering all the questions which are frequently asked by the novice art enthusiasts. Take a look.

Q: I love artworks and really wish to own one but I barely have any idea about the same. How should I go about it?

A: First of all, you should understand that buying art is not a matter of rat race. There is no need to hurry the process of buying art. Moreover, when one wants to buy artwork online or offline, it completely depends on their personal taste of art. To develop the same, one needs to work on building an understanding of art. Hence, holding the thought of buying an artwork and taking out time to visit art galleries online and offline would make more sense.

Furthermore, when you visit any gallery, art fair or art studio you should get into a conversation regarding the artworks you find appealing. Apparently, people will ask you to buy the artwork you like but you should take your own sweet little time to analyse the various factors before buying any artwork. Additionally, you can refrain from buying by telling them the truth, which is, that you are new to this wide world of art and want to get a basic understanding of major artists and genre of art. Doing so will also aid you a lot in differentiating between a good and a bad artwork.

One should also not limit oneself to only those artworks which he is a bit familiar with. Always go with an open mind as then you will get to witness many different varieties of art.

After doing all this you will surely be able to buy an artwork which will resonate with you, your thoughts and your home well.

Q: Everyone, by far has recommended me to buy art from authentic brick and mortar shops only. I have heard so many forgery scams etc. Now I am confused. Should I buy artwork online?

A: Yes! Definitely. You should. The answer to all your confusion lies in the simple fact that scams and forgeries etc. happen in offline art marketplaces as well. Remember, the time of the advent of online marketplaces for buying clothes, appliances, and even groceries. Were people okay with it in the beginning? No. Are they okay with it now? Pretty much.

The concept of online art market too is not something really obsolete. Hence, people have their own misapprehension regarding it. But now, more and more people are buying art from online auctions and galleries. However, one thing that you should always look up for is the authentication. Whether you buy striking artwork online or offline, you should always prefer buying them from a trusted gallery instead of falling for the discount baits. However, after buying several works of art, you will get a better insight into the online and offline art market. The know-how of the art world will make you more careful and knowledgeable, so you can buy art when you want to buy from other sources. It is being recommended here to buy artworks from other less authentic sources after a certain period of time because that will make the chances of you getting fooled and tricked by any seller very low.

Apart from this, to double check the genuineness of a painting, you can follow your favorite gallerists, artists and other outlets in the online world, mail them, ask them about their best current offerings, and admire them for what you really love about them or just show your curiosity regarding their artworks or them. This will help you in entering the good books of the artists. Moreover, artists are always more interested in selling the artworks which they have put so much of their efforts into someone who appreciates and adores. They are more likely to sell it to someone who is buying it because it is appealing his senses rather than to someone who is buying it because they see that artwork as a great investment which can fetch them large sum at the time of reselling.

However, you should avoid asking for bargains again and again. Just request once or twice and if they don’t approve the same, don’t make the situation awkward for both, you and him by pleading more than that.